Using Engage for a variety of purposes

I've used Engage for different purposes.  Here:

I've used the FAQ interaction to create a crosswalk for Balance Sheet, Expense, and Revenue Codes between our old system and our new system.  In the Search box, enter words or numbers and get the description, the old number and the new number.  Example:

When we implemented our new accounting system, the structure for the departments changed with new numbers.  I used another FAQ interaction to create a crosswalk between the Department name and the new structure for the Department.

Another FAQ interaction was a glossary.  While there is a Glossary interaction, I needed something searchable using old terms and new terms.

 Another interaction, this one the Tab, that I created was for our Internet showing a description of our Department and the Divisions within:

While the original screen is just a generic description, the Division screens show contact information.

So, these are some of the ways that I have used Engage interactions outside of an Articulate presentation.  Hope that you can determine ways of using them too.

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Jeanette Brooks

Those are some really neat ways of using Engage, Lloyd - thank you for posting! I especially like the "crosswalk" idea.

For folks who might be interested in additional out-of-the-box ways of leveraging Engage interactions, there was a thread awhile back that had some fun ideas. Here it is:

Zara Ogden

This Is an inerternal list. That is why I put my skinny photo in replacement of the actual one. Luckily it was real easy because it was for a small group. This list is our head office. I hope they don't like it too much and one one for all our

Mostly this list is for executives that will visit HO and need to know whom they will be speaking to.