What happened to Engage?

Oct 09, 2023

Obviously it has been a bit since I have worked in Articulate.  I had created things in Engage and now no longer have that as an option in the dashboard.  Thoughts on how I retrieve it?


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Luciana Piazza

Hi Susan, 👋

Glad to hear that you're back using Articulate 360! Thanks for reaching out to us in the community. I'm happy to help!

We have Engage 360 nested in the Studio 360 application in the Articulate 360 Desktop App. If you click on the Open button, you'll see the option to select Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, or Engage 360. Just click on Engage 360, and it will open up on your device! 

Here's a quick visual for you:

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! Hope this helps!