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Gabe Anderson

Hi Tess-

Articulate Presenter only supports the On-screen Show slide dimension; using any other setting may truncate your output when you publish. You can change your settings from 35mm to On-screen Show (4:3) as outlined below:

Supported slide dimensions in Presenter ’09

Here's a screenshot of where you'll find the setting in PowerPoint 2007 (Design -> Page Setup -> Slides sized for):

(Note that the Orientation setting also needs to be Landscape.)

James Brown

You might try this. See if you cannot do a screen capture of the image and then paste into your e-learning presentation. I use a program called  SNAG-IT by Techsmith but Power Point actually has a screen capture option. Snag-it 10 has a cool little option to capture with a transparent background. Very similar to Word and Power Point. I honestly love this simple little application and use it extensively for designing course materials.  You could also try copying the image and paste it into a photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or even  Picassa and then save them as PNG or JPG. Then insert them into a your e-learning project. My guess is the reason they look funny has to do with the photos in the old slides.