A lot of animations on one slide

I have a problem. I have on one slide a lot of animations (in PowerPoint). More than a dozen pictures and texts. The entire animation on a single slide will take about 5 minutes - this slide animation is synchronized with the video in presenter panel. But such a number of objects causes chaos on the slide and animate them becomes impossible. Are there any easy,simple way to animate many, many objects on one slide?

I made a printscreen of my problem. Thank You for help.

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James Brockman

If I have a slide that looks like this, I will usually break things into different steps and animate them in smaller chunks on other slides (so maybe 5 slides for each minute?). When I'm done adding fades, motion paths, etc. on objects, I'll copy/paste all of the smaller pieces into the big slide and arrange the animations in the animation pane. I usually save a copy of the working copies somewhere, in case I need to make edits later and recreate the whole thing again.

Of course, after doing this 100 times you'll probably just break down and reorganize your slides into smaller portions like I did but sometimes this sort of thing is unavoidable. It looks like Studio '12 has the ability to "mute" objects so that you're not presented with this sort of mess when trying to edit, so maybe this workflow will become easier to manage in the near future.

Paul Kornman

I use the Selection and Visibility Panel in conjunction with the Custom Animation Panel.

From the Selection and Visibility Panel, I change the default names (like "Rectangle 24" or "Text Box 17") to something more meaningful, so when that item is displayed in the Custom Animation Panel I can tell what it is.

Secondly, if you turn the visibility of the item off in the Selection and Visibility Panel (Click the "eye" icon on the right), that object is (temporarily) removed from the Custom Animation Panel.

So, for example, if you have 10 animations with 4 objects each, turn everything invisible except the 4 objects for that animation, then adjust your settings in the Custom Animation Panel until you're satisfied. Then turn those 4 invisible and the next 4 visible, and adjust those, etc.

When all the little pieces are set, turn everything back on (use the 'Show All' or 'Hide All' buttons at the bottom of the Selection and Visibility Panel) and watch everything flow in order.

Good Luck.