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Feb 18, 2011

I have been asked to provide a single file from a Presenter elearning that I posted to our LMS.  She sould like to embed a video of the elearning (which is self-running, no user interation) without the skin.  I sent her the file that I published using presenter's web option.  This resulted in a flash file for each slide.  Is there anyway to easily combine those to one flash file that can then be added as a web part in SharePoint?

Or is there another way to publish to achieve the same result?


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Steve Flowers

To get a single file I think you'd have to use a different tool than Articulate. The nature of Articulate's output is multiple files (except for the podcast audio.) I know that you can export to a quicktime movie (or swf using older version) using Keynote on the Mac. But I know of no such export feature using PowerPoint.

There are a few PPT > SWF and PPT > Video converters on the market. I've converted some PPTs to DVD but I'm unsure how any of these handle synchronized audio.

Open Office Impress is supposed to be able to do this. You might try it since the program is free:


This might be a great thing to suggest as a feature for future versions of Articulate

Alecia Teel

Just stumbled across this thread--this is exactly the kind of thing I need to do, create a "teaser" style flash video that does not include the regular presenter template and navigation features, etc. I would simply like to create one flash file that displays my slides and animations as well as a music track that can be played on a web page.

I have PowerPoint 2007. Would you recommend that I upgrade to 2010, create the wmv file and then convert to flash? If so, does anyone know of a free/inexpensive wmv to swf converter? Or is there a free/inexpensive converter to take me directly from PPT to swf?  I tried the free version of http://www.ispringsolutions.com/, but it did not include my audio track.


Hilary Goodnight

I did not have PPT 2010 at the time of the original post.  I just installed it a about a week ago and have not used the convert to video feature, but look forward to the possibilities.  As for a "convert to flash" application, we have used 'Any Video Converter' (Free), Allock video to FLV converter (paid but cheap) with great success.  I have access to CS5 within my company and have used it when all other attempts fail  

I don't know of a free converter to get from PPT to swf... sorry.  My solution for the issue discussed in ths post was to use Camtasia to do a video capture of the screen and then published out to the desired format.  Not sure what other free apps may be available to publish video screen captures.

Hope this helps. 

Alecia Teel

Thank you for your response. I need to decide if I should go ahead and put in a request for a 2010 upgrade--I just found out Microsoft no longer offers upgrade pricing. ( But since PowerPoint has crashed on me 5 times today, I think I need a hardware upgrade too! )

I will definitely check out the converter applications you recommended.

Does anyone else have an opinion on whether the 2010 to wmv  to swf option is best or if there is another PPT to swf easy/cheap option?

Alecia Teel

I tried all the above video to flash converters and the only one that worked for me was "Allock video to FLV converter." While all the resulting swf files would play fine on my computer, the end result has to be a file that will play on a web page within an online benefits enrollment process. Although I couldn't see anything under the settings to tell me this, my programmer said that Any Video Converter and FormatFactory converted using Flash 6 and he needed 8.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has the same issue.

Stefano Posti

Anyway, if the presentation you want to embed in a single swf file is using Articulate studio features and includes self-running Engage interactions, you will have to use a screen-capture tool like screenr or Camtasia Studio to capture the whole presentation and transform it into a video file or a single (big, maybe toobig) swf or flv file...

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