Action vs. Hyperlink: When do I use each option?

May 10, 2011

Hi! We are currently working on building two courses based on the discovery model - letting the learner drive what content he/she wants to learn first. One course uses hyperlinks to provide the navigation to the learners (we are only using the slide only option); basically we've put an invisible box over the button and used Insert > Hyperlink to link to the destination slide. The other course is built using the Insert > Action option to link the learner to the destination slide.  In both cases we have multiple hyperlinks on one slide.

So far, we've discovered that:

1. When we've used Insert > Hyperlink on an invisible shape over our button, we have no problems with the published output (for web).

2. When we've used Insert > Action on the button itself, the link are not accurate in the published output; they link to other slides, even though when we check the Action info, they are linked appropriately.

Which is the better way? For the Action option, what should we be doing to fix the error? Is there any reason why this would not work?

We want to avoid error and rework in our development phase, so we are trying to figure out what the best practice should be.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!


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Rob Blankenship


I am flying right now and do not have my MAC booted into Windows so this is from memory...and I am getting older... 

I think the best way to do solve your problem is to use a hyperlink, but instead of hyperlinking to hyperlink to the slide you want them to navigate to.

This should solve your issue.


blair parkin

Hi Nicole

As you have discovered the Insert>Action doesn't always work as expected. Bestt practice is to use hyperlinks for your users to navigate through the module as you are doing with blank shapes over the buttons or images. 

One thing you may also find is that hyperlinks won't work properly when you are previewing a module, you will need to publish it first to make sure the hyperlinks are working correctly.


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