Actionscript 3.0 support

Jan 09, 2012

Will the next version of Articulate support actionscript 3.0?  If so, when do you expect the next version to be available?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Michelle!

Thanks you expressing your interest in ActionScript 3 support for Articulate content.  As you may know, we are actively working to support ActionScript 3 content in the next version of Articulate software.

We don't announce release dates for new features or products. However, if you would like to receive notifications when new updates and products are released, we recommend subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog: 

In the meantime, you can incorporate ActionScript 3 content into your Articulate Presenter presentations using the Web Object feature as demonstrated in the following video tutorial:

Hope that's helpful!

Ward Scott

I think we all understand that implemntation dates get pushed back, but surely you can give us a rough estimate (third quarter, early next year, before the Dallas Coboys make the playoffs, etc.)

From a customer's perspective, this is more than just wanting to know when our favorite software programs are getting new features. We also have to budget for upgrades and this is valuable planning information. In my case, my entire 2013 budget is due this June. Consequently, if you implement the next revision in July 2012 without prior notice, I can't make the purchase until January 2014!

Gabe Anderson

@Ward: I certainly understand your desire to plan and realize that budgets are a real concern, but as company policy, we don't like to give estimates for release dates because we value product quality over target dates. We prefer to release high-quality software when it's ready, and I think most of our customers would agree with wanting to get a better quality product vs. one that's rushed out the door to meet a self-imposed release deadline. 

That said, we are aiming to release our brand-new product, Storyline, early this year, and the next major version of Studio later this year. 

By the way, you can find a thread very similar to this one here.

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