Adding a Interaction with audio into Presenter

Jul 31, 2011

Hi All,

I'm a new user to Articulate and working with a client on my first e-learning course.  My narrataor is a SME and will be recording all the narration.  She is recording directly into Presenter except for interaction slides which she'll recorded in Engage.

My question is:  How do the narrated interaction slides get inserted into Presenter? 

 I tried going into my presentation and clicking on Engage Interactions and then clicked on " add existing interaction" -   I then  hit "save and return to Presenter" - but when I checked to see to see if the audio was on my slide through audio editor - it was blank.  What am I not doing right?


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blair parkin

Hi Stephanie

I may be incorrect with this but I don't think the audio from your engage interaction gets added to the slide for you to be able to edit, it stays with the interaction.

Are you actually wanting to edit the audio or just see if it is there? I would suggest publishing and then seeing if the audio has disappeared.


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