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I'm working on a course for a client and I was looking for a carousel type effect.  I've downloaded and looked at the one from the Community, but the client doesn't like it.  I've had to result to trying to build "something" in PowerPoint using animations and I found a good starting point that I have used as a template.  The basic sequence of animations is as follows:-

  • Grow / Shrink to 25% in 0.1 seconds (image starting position is off screen)
  • Fade
  • Motion Path
  • Grow / Shrink to 400%

When I preview or publish the slide, it doesn't look anything like the slideshow in PowerPoint.  The slide in questions is attached.

Any help much appreciated!


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Dwayne Schamp

The list of supported animations for Articulate 09 is here:

Although all of your animations are supported, it might not be interpreting them correctly (as it does not interpret the Wipe correctly after publish.)

Although i have done complex animations like that in a course, now, i usually either do it in flash, or import a save-as WMV file that runs correctly in PPT.

If you are using 2010, you could create the animation in a new file, then save that as a WMV. convert to FLV (using the Articulate video encoder to ensure AS2) and import with video synched to seekbar. I've done this to use some of the new 3-d transitions in 2010 with great success.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Richard! Dwayne's got some good ideas there; sometimes combining multiple simultaneous animations can interfere with the publishing process's ability to calculate the correct movements.

That said, I played around with simplifying things just a bit and got it to look okay by using a motion path and Zoom In / Zoom Out animation. I attached the file in case it's something you might be able to use.