Anyway to "Secretly" Skip Over Required slides

I know with a previous LMS we were able to type in a few keys on the keyboard and this let us into a menu which enables us to skip over slides.  Does anyone know anyway to do this with Presenter? When QC published content it would save tons of time.  Obviously the "secret" keys would only be known by the people who develope and QC the modules and not by the end users. 

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Paul Kornman

If you use the "Logo" area (1 above or 1 below the navigation panel), you could put a SWF file (in place of a static graphic) that to the user looks just like a static graphic.

If you click on the SWF(or maybe just a section/color of it) and press a special key combination (like the left arrow and the Shift key simultaneously), you could pop up a menu (or just a number entry area) that will then let you jump to the specified slide.

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