Articulate crash. After restart imported images are not visible.


after Articulate crash and restart my images are not visible in program. There is a frame around places where images need to be but graphics are not visible. Deleting frames and importing images one more time is not helping. Articulate shows only frame, not graphic. What can i do to restore images in Articulate?


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Jacek Dolinski

Hi Leslie. I'm working local. This was not PP import. Fresh new presentation from scratch. My solution for this was "replace image" on empty frames  (before crush there was images inside) and insert images one more time but with new names. When i was trying to import images in the same names Articulate leave frames empty like before. It was Windows 7 program crush.


Leslie McKerchie

Okay, thanks for the clarification Jacek.  Sorry you are having a tough time, but I will say that is not the behavior we want you experiencing.  This article goes through some additional troubleshooting, but please feel free to  package your course and submit it to us if you need some additional help.