Articulate Studio modules embedded in SoftChalk

Hi, everyone!

I just would like to share my latest project using Articulate Studio.

It is a New Faculty Orientation that cannot be put into any tracking system of our college because job applicants wouldn't have credentials to login. So, the committee decided it would be an open source. To make things work without access to the college's website FTP capabilities, I decided to embed my Articulate Studio presentations in a SoftChalk page.

Please check this beta version out and let me know if you have any feedback or questions about this project.

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Luci Mello

Hi, Elizabeth :-)

I learned how to make these two tools work together in a Webinar provided by SoftChalk. And, yes, I'm using SoftChalk Cloud.

Here is how to do it:

1.  I logged into SoftChalk and went to Files.

2. Click on "Upload" the Articulate Studio published zipped folder.

3. A drop-down menu will pop up.

4. Choose Packaged Content.

5. Browse to find your zipped file in your Articulate folder or wherever you saved on your computer.

6. This little window will prompt you to choose which "page" will the lesson be calling for. I chose presentation.html

7. When the progress shows complete, click OK.

8. Go to your Lessons in SoftChalk, and create a lesson.

9, When you are ready to add the Articulate module, click on "Insert Cloud Item."

10. A file manager will pop up. Click on Files>packaged content>the zipped folder.

11. SoftChalk will embed it as a widget.

It also works with Storyline 2! This is a project I created for one of classes at FSU.


Luci Mello


Elizabeth Miles

Hi Luci,

Wow, this is so helpful!  I've bookmarked this discussion and will now look into upgrading to SoftChalk Cloud.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to document these steps for me.  I work in higher ed too and really like SoftChalk, but haven't used it that much because I couldn't get embedded Articulate files to work.  Now I'm really excited about all of the possibilities! Thanks for sharing examples of your excellent work, and for this documentation.  You really made my day.  :)