Articulate player does not play all slides properly

Dec 20, 2014

I have published a Presenter '13 package with HTML 5 and with Android/IOS Player enabled (

Many slides with animation do not show properly in player, even though they work fine in Flash and HTML 5. Likewise, embedded youtube objects do not work in the mobile player either, even though they work fine in Flash and HTML 5. 

I am testing the player with a Galaxy S3 running Android 4.4.2. Is this a known bug, or can I fix this somehow?

- Allen

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Allen!

Please check out our comparison chart to understand how the output is handled in the different environments.

Please note, for YouTube videos to work in AMP, you will want to insert them as web objects. Not sure what animations you are using, but be sure they are supported animations in the AMP environment as well.

Allen Keele

Our presentations all look great from the desktop, but we have significant issues with the mobile player.

1. The YouTube videos are already inserted as web objects - as you will see at a public demo at, slide 2.4. Please see attached.

2. Animated slides often show none or only some of the slide text, even while audio roles. This only happens on mobile player. The animations are simply PowerPoint "Show on click". They show fine on desktop Chrome.

3. If you "next" through the mobile player, it will eventually hang and crash.

4. Mobile player detects and catches pop-up web-based presentations, but not the same presentation hosted on our LMS. 

5. With the latest version 5 of Presenter, my Google Chrome on my Samsung s3 no longer plays the presentation in HTML 5 - even though it did before in the previous Presenter version. The presentation simply fails to open and start in Chrome Mobile now. The same presentation will play in HTML 5 in my desktop Chrome with no problem. Now my mobile users have no access instead of better access.

You've got a bug here. Maybe two or three.

I just re-published over 80 presentations with the new Update 5. I really hope you can fix these issues on the client side with the AMP.


Allen Keele

Hi Leslie,


Thanks for your reply.


If you are testing the presentation from your desktop, it will work fine. If
you test it using a mobile device however, the embedded video will not play
on AMP, and many of the PowerPoint animations won't trigger in sync with
audio. I've been able to reproduce this on A Galaxy s3, as well as a Galaxy
Tab. AMT fails to render properly on both devices.


Since the presentation works on the desktop with no issues (not using AMT),
the problem seems to be pretty clearly with AMT.


My best regards,


Allen Keele, Principal


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Allen!

I am testing the content in AMP and see no issue with the YouTube video.

I do see the issue with the text, and I wanted to understand how you built this content.

In addition, I am unable to test on a mobile device without AMP because I have this on all my devices and you mentioned testing in HTML5 via mobile.

Without seeing the project files, it is difficult to understand what may be going on.

If you cannot share via the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

In addition, responding via e-mail to the forums attaches your signature and you are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed.

Allen Keele

Strange about the Youtube video. I always see the video in place, but it won't play. When I press the YouTube arrow to play, I get a quick little java spin, and then get stuck looking at a black box where the video should be playing. This behavior is consistent on the phone and the tablet.

Regarding the animations, they are simply standard slide animations available in PowerPoint. The kind where I am required to click "Next Animation" while recording Articulate audio to the slide. Nothing fancy.

Regarding testing HTML 5, I ran across this problem when trying to view SCORM 2004 content secured in our LMS. AMP did not detect the presentation, so the presentation tried to open in a browser window - where it crashes now. The presentation played on mobile devices with HTML 5 prior to Articulate Update 5. Maybe its not a HTML 5 issue; it could be a AMP vs. LMS issue.

I can certainly send you the project files if you will send me an upload link.

Allen Keele

Hi Leslie,

There are two separate issues - 1 is when attempting to view non-LMS (simply web--based), and another when trying to view through the LMS.

  1. The first issue is that the non-LMS presentation plays fine on the desktop, both in FLASH and HTML 5.
    1. The same presentation does not open on my Galaxy s3 or Tab without AMP. The browser window crashes on both devices using Chrome Mobile. It played fine before Articulate update 5.
    2. The same presentation opens in AMP on both devices, but does not play properly.
      1. Youtube videos are available in the presentation, but do not play. They hang with a black screen that never loads the video.
    3. Simple PowerPoint content animations do not consistently work properly in AMP. Some slides work, while others do not - even with the same animation effect.
  2. The second issue is that the same presentation will not open on my Galaxy s3 or Tab in AMP or non-AMP when played as SCORM LMS content. AMP fails to intercept the LMS communication when accessing via the LMS. The presentation tries to open in HTML 5 in the browser instead, and crashes. I uninstalled AMP, and found that the SCORM presentation will not play in HTML 5 through the LMS - which is not surprising since it won't play in HTML 5 with a simple web-based version. To prove this is not an LMS issue, I have uploaded the SCORM version to The presentation fails in SCORM could identically to failing on our LMS.
    1. Note that the SCORM content plays fine in both LMS systems when viewed on a desktop (non-AMP)

I have uploaded the SCORM package via your link.



Carrie Albin

I am having a similar issue with some of my presentations published using Presenter 13 and publishing for LMS using HTML5.  We are using Moodle as our LMS.  They worked fine on a computer, Android phone, iPhone and iPad last fall when they were first published in September.  But now they don't play properly on an Android phone (new and existing presentations).  And any new presentations that are published have issues with missing text and animations being too slow on the iPad.  

Was this issue resolved for Allen?  If so what were the steps taken to resolve it?

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