Articulate Presenter files published in our LMS prior to 2021 have audio playback issues

Feb 28, 2023

We are finding that Articulate Presenter presentations published at least 2 years ago are having this issue:

When automatically moving to the next slide, the audio on the next slide sometimes fails to play. The seek bar moves, but there is no audio. If you click "Prev" and then "Next" the audio plays on the slide that wasn't playing before.

Here is an example:

If you click play, and then wait for the presentation to reach slide 3, no audio will play. If you click the Prev button, or pause the slide and unpause, the audio will play. This happens on what seems like random slides throughout the presentation. 

In the latest version of that presentation that I published yesterday, the problem has been remedied:

However, this makes me worry that I now have to go back and republish all of our Presenter modules to avoid this. I imagine this issue is related to the way Chromium has changed the rules of what audio is allowed to auto-play in the browser. Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Will Findlay

What's also odd is that if I go to the version of the same module that was published 3 years ago (instead of 2) the problem is not there:

So maybe it is a problem with only a certain version of Presenter from 2 years ago?

Will Findlay

Looks like this was fixed in this release below:

Articulate 360 - Studio 360 Version History - Articulate Support

May 4, 2021

Presenter 360 (Build 8.27.25041.0)

  • Enhanced: Since Adobe discontinued Flash at the end of 2020, we removed Flash features, including the options to import Flash movies and publish Flash output, from Presenter 360.
  • Fixed: Audio randomly stopped playing in published courses.
  • Fixed: Some Presenter 360 courses with grouped objects failed to publish, resulting in an error message: "The method or operation is not implemented."
  • Fixed: Studio '09 projects wouldn't upgrade to Studio 360 after installing Microsoft's Flash-removal update for Windows.
John Morgan

Hi Will,

Thanks for the detailed description of what you are experiencing! After a bug has been fixed in a software update, you are going to need to republish any content that you see the bug in. If a course doesn't have the bug in it, there is no need to go through the additional work of republishing.

I hope this helps!