Articulate presenter track the anwers of the quiz


In articulate presenter i created a quiz(many essay questions)  and i published in LMS(version 1.1.0) using simple scorm packager.

But now the problem is "In my quiz many of them are essay questions and the teacher need to check the answers and after that i need to upload the results to the student".

How to track the answers of the students. But in LMS i clicked on option tracking but i can see only whether the student have completed the quiz or not, but not the answers.

Is there any possiblity to track the answers, correct them & upload the results to the students later on.

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Brian Batt

Hi Uma & welcome to Heroes,

The following article will show you which data is being sent to your LMS from Quizmaker quizzes and surveys: 

Please note that it is up to your LMS to determine how to process and display the data that is being sent to it.  Bear in mind that some LMS's may not be able to process the data the way that you are looking for.

Also, please be aware that SCORM 2004 provides more robust data for tracking and reporting than SCORM 1.2 or AICC.  If your LMS supports SCORM 2004, you may want to consider publishing your Articulate content for SCORM 2004 to see if this provides the tracking and reporting you desire from your LMS.  To learn more about SCORM, see:

Uma Raj

Hi Brian

Sorry, I didn't get what you are saying. Actually, this is my problem,

1. I installed joomla 1.5, joomla LMS 1.1.0.

2. Then i created a quiz (In that all the questions are essay type questions & so I want to publish the results later, after the answers are corrected by the teacher).

3. Then i opened articulate presenter and I uploaded the quiz in one of the slides.

4. Then i clicked on publish in that options i clicked on LMS and scorm 1.2.

5. Then using simple scorm packager I created scorm package of the quiz

6. I uploaded the scorm pakage in LMS(Learning path)

7. Now how can I track the answers of the quiz and then only we can correct the answers and publish the results.

8. In LMS there is a option called tracking. But in that I can only see whether the student completed or not, pass or fial, and i can see the answers but the characters are limited only first few lines i can see. but not the whole answer.

9. I want to track the whole answers.

Can you help me with this problem?