Articulate Publishing with Powerpoint, and Mathematical Symbols

Feb 17, 2012

Hi, my names Jake and i've recently started building E-learning courses in the UK.

First off, hopefully this question is in the right place, if not i sincerely apologize!

I've been working on a Basic Maths course in powerpoint with articulate, using Voice overs and a transcript for the viewer to read.

When publishing, i have found that various symbols such as Pi, Squared/Cubed number symbols and powers have been disappearing from the transcript.

I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway i could fix this?

If not i might just have to change the script to words so things would read "2 to the power of 6 - 2 squared + Pi"

But i would much rather have the proper mathematical symbols there.


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Jake Hurt

Hi thanks for your help.

Thats good to know, though doesnt fix the exact problem we are having.

Essentially we have things happening on screen, with an audio voice over reading the notes.

What we are finding is that powers, cubes, squares etc are disappearing from the notes on publish.

However about 45 minutes ago we did figure out this is due to the player template we are using, so some fiddling there and we should be able to figure it out.

On a side note, is there an Alt + shortcut for the Pi symbol?

Thanks for the help and warm welcome

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