Articulate running on SSL error

Apr 25, 2013

Is there any known issues running Articualte courses with IE 7 or IE 8 on an LMS with an SSL?

All courses were previously working before the SSL was applied, now only a blank screen is displayed.  We found one work around which is to check  “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” in Internet Options but this is not perfect as some of the users do not have permission to make this change.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Christine Hendrickson

HI there Louise!

I haven't personally worked with this, but I did find a response in an archived post that may help you out:

"In the player folder of your published output you should see a file called flashcommand.js. If you open this file in a text editor you should do a find. There are two references to an external website at Change the url to https instead of http and this should prevent the warning from appearing. 

If all of your content is to be hosted this way you can modify the flashcommand.js file here: 

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players 5.0\core\player\flashcommand.js 

This will allow you to publish your presentations without having to modify the file each time. It is recommended that you make a backup of the file prior to modifying it."


I hope this helps!


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