Articulate SCORM package hangs in LMS - Caching issue?

Jul 06, 2011

We are creating all our learnings using Articulate (we were using Adobe Presenter before) now but once the activity is loaded it seem to be having a caching problem.  When launched the first time the progress bar goes about 75% and hangs.  You have to use Task manager to close the screen.  When you go back in it works fine, UNTIL you clear the Temporary Files and it hangs again at the 75% progress bar.  This is happening with XP, Vista, Win 7 and IE 6,7,8 and 9.

Is there a setting in IE etc that we can change to allow for this caching to 'stick'?  Thanks

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Jaya Rajagopal

Thanks for the quick response Brian.  We're using SumTotal.  It sem to be a caching issue because when you launch it the 2nd time it works fine.  Any launches after the 2nd works great...that is until you clear the cache and it goes hanging.  I was just wondering if there is any setting either in Windows, IE or Articulate that can resolve this issue.

Brian Batt

Hi Jaya,

Can you give me access to the content so that I can test it on my machine?  My guess is that there's a file not properly loading on the LMS that is causing the initial loading to pause.  I should be able to determine the issue if you can send me information to login to the system.  Feel free to send me a private message.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Gbenga and welcome to Heroes! Articulate content is compatible with SCORM 1.2, 2004 2nd and 3rd edition and AICC. If your LMS supports one of these standards, you should have no problem using Articulate content with your LMS. If you are having difficulty, I would review the steps outlined in this article which should help you to troubleshoot things:

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