Attachment Issue in Chrome

I've got a course that includes a PDF attachment.  It works great in IE and Firefox, but not so much in Chrome (v. 16.0.912.77 m).  

In Chrome, when the attachment is clicked, it only opens a new 'about:blank' tab.  This has been tested on a Moodle-based LMS and on SCORM Cloud.  Each produced the exact same result.

Has anyone else ran into this before?  If so, any ideas how to fix it?  

Thanks so much!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Trainer,

I'm not aware of any documented issues between attachments and Chrome. I'd suggest submitting a case to our support engineers describing in detail exactly what you're experiencing. They'd be happy to work with you to find a solution. You can do that here:


Ryan W

Hey All,

Meant to post back to this last week and forgot.  The issue is Chrome.  To fix it, you need to have your users do the following:

1. Open the Chrome browser

2. Enter chrome://plugins

3. Find 'Chrome PDF Viewer'

4. Enable this plugin

5. Close the browser

6. Open the browser and launch the course

This fixed the issue on SCORM Cloud; however, the issue still persisted within Moodle.  So, I ended up posting the PDF to the server and made the attachment a link rather than a file.  

Hope that helps...