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Jun 21, 2011

Hi all,

I've attached a pdf as an attachment and when I click on the ATTACHMENT button in presenter I get the drop down box but the preview image of the attachment is not what is attached. I have a pdf attached that when it's clicked on comes up correctly and prints fine, it just doesn't show the correct image in the drop down attachments menu. I don't want learners to think they are printing out the first page of the presentation, that wouldn't be helpful, they need to know they are printing out a reference page.

Any input would be helpful. I have attached the reference page as a ppt, jpg, and now pdf (and re-attached, of course)...and all files show the first page of the presentation as the preview.

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Dwayne Schamp

that image is actually the thumbnail of the first slide in your course.

It is in the "data/swf" folder of your published course, and has the name "tb1.swf".

you can replace that file after you publish with one of your own. You can make a one frame swf file with your graphic in it, and replace that one. I've attached one that we use. This will only show in Published format, not Preview.

Jeanette Brooks

That's nice of you to share your customized tb1.swf file, Dwayne - thanks!

Brandy, as Dwayne mentioned, the image on the Attachments tab will always show a thumbnail of the 1st slide in your course. If you prefer to create your own thumbnail for the attachments tab and you don't have flash, you could do this: create a separate one-slide presentation, use that one slide to design your thumbnail, and then publish. Find the tb1.swf in the data/swf folder of your published output, and use that to replace the tb1.swf in your actual published course.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Denise! You're welcome to submit feature requests here. Thanks!

In the meantime, for your thumbnail that contains the flv placeholder, you could always create your own tb1.swf as described above, and use a screencapture of your movie's 1st frame. Gabe shows this workaround in this following screencast:

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