Attachments inconsistencies

Has anyone else had this issue?  If you attach a document (.pdf, .doc, etc.) in the Attachments button feature, when published it works fine when someone clicks on the link.  BUT, if you link to a website that is holding a document, if you click on it, a webbrowser just flashes and nothing happens.  I found out the work-around was to press-and hold the Ctrl key, and then click on the link listed in Attachments, and only then would it open.

This is not ideal as any other attachment on can merely click on the name.  Is there a fix? and does this have to do with the version of IE one is using?  If testing via hard-drive/LAN, it works just by clicking? ONLY if accessing the tutorial via the web, does it force one to press and hold the Ctrl-Key then click on link??

thanks for any feedback from anyone.

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Michael W

thanks for the alternatives and the quick response!  Funny that it allows me to access if I hold the Ctrl-Key and clicking though.  Option #1 unfortunately would not be possible for us since the file is updated occassionally by others, and we would not want to maintain downloaded versions.  Option #2 is a possibility, but not very "clean" and causes more work... : ( 

Do you anticipate or think they will ever fix this "security" issue?  I guess I would offer a 3rd option:  On the title of linked attachments, add text instructing the user to "hold Ctrl-key then click link to open..." after each Attachment label??

oh well, hope they fix, but probably not high on their priorities...

(this is a great forum/community! thanks.)