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Jul 25, 2011

Hi there

I'm using Presenter 09 on Win7 / Office 2010 and editing Audio on presentation that are over 100 slides in size.

when using the Audi editor, the screen shows the audio playing with the indicator moving across the screen but it''s not in sync with the audio I hear - it's approx 1 second off.  This has been ok before but it's a little hard to edit part of a wave form when not knowing which element to select to delete or record over.

Any ideas?

Regards, Graham

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Sayuj Ravindran

I have had similar problem with the audio editor...

I used to play / resume using the space bar in key board. But after I pause once, the next second the indicator line sets itself slightly to a different point. Then I used the mouse to pause / resume the audio. i.e. I clicked on the point at which I want to pause the audio, and then the offset issue dint happen...

Also, if you select a section of the audio and click on Play, it will play only the selected part. That way, you can make sure that the wave form you have selected is right or not...

Hope this helps...

Graham Francis

Hi Sayuj

thanks for your input, I have been using the mouse to pause/play etc. but what I'm finding is that in a presentation that is over 100 slides and approx 60 minutes long the audio doesn't line up...  For a slide, I can see the Audio wave that but when I hit the play option the Audio plays before the indicator actually reaches the wave form... it's really strange.

Gary Galmin

This is not really an answer for you, but I have made this my routine where once the audio is recorded in presenter, I export the whole set of audio into wav files and load them into adobe audition (amazing program). I do all the noise removal edits and etc save in stereo and re-import back through the articulate menu. I have consistent audio every time. 

Brian Batt

Hi Graham,

In a lengthy presentation, you may find that the waveform displayed in the Audio Editor does not quite match the actual audio.  The waveform may be slightly offset from the audio in later slides in your presentation.  This is a known display issue.  It will not interfere with proper publishing of your presentation.  However, if you need to make very precise edits to the audio in later slides of a lengthy presentation, you may need to use one of the following methods to achieve finer editing control:

Use a third-party editing tool:

1)  Export the audio from your presentation.

2)  Edit the exported audio files in a third-party tool, such as Audacity.

3)  Then import the edited audio files back into your presentation.

Temporarily break your presentation into smaller projects:

1)  Generate an Articulate Presenter Package.

2)  Extract the zip file created in the previous step to two or more different folders to create copies of your presentation.

3)  Each copy will represent a different section of your overall presentation.  In each copy of the presentation, delete all but 30-40 slides.  

4)  Use the Audio Editor to make the necessary edits to the audio in each section of your presentation.

5)  After making the necessary edits to each section, combine the smaller project files into your final, complete presentation as described in this article:

Thomas Morgan

I have deduced the audio editor issue has nothing to do with file size - a presentation 3 or 4 slides long (or one where you edit the audio on one slide immediately after recording it) loses synch with the displayed waveform immediately.  The audio editor in my previous versions of Articulate was much sharper and did not experience this.  Unfortunately for me, in attempting to make the narrations more like natural speech, not just reading a canned narration, my presentations have a lot of gaps, deep breaths, stutters.  Then it takes me 20 minutes to edit the slide narration because I have to trim it by guessing where the splices are, playing it 3 or 4 times to trim it (guessing again) without cutting audio I want.  

I'm glad to hear that articulate is acknowledging the problem.  I am downloading audacity now, but since I am going outside the articulate platform for another patch, I was wondering if anyone had found a tool where this process is automated somewhat;  auto trim gaps, breaths and stutters?

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