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Jan 08, 2013

Hello fellow Articulate users,

I am in desperate need of help!  I followed all suggestions in this forum and in help files and filed support case, but I am still losing my audio from my recorded narration.

As a test, I just recorded 20 slides of narration which created a 16mg ppta file.  Saved the PowerPoint file to the exact folder I opened it from using exact same name in the exact same location on my C drive.  I then checked the ppta file size and it was 16 mgs.   Two hours later, I opened the exact same folder that had the ppt and ppta files in it, and the size was the ppt was the same at 25 mgs but the size of the ppta had dropped to 125 k and all of my audio was gone.

At this point, I am recording narration for one slide, closing audio editor, saving file on hard drive and backup drive.  It's very time confusing but the backup driving has saved my audio that disappears from my C drive.

I've used Articulate Presenter for nearly 2 years and only had this problem once before and I lost audio on C drive and backup drive at the same time because backup drive was still connected  to PC.  Now, I disconnect it after each save and that is working.

This has happened 5 times during the past week on different days at different times.  I'm an IT person but I can't find a solution.

I've tried everything suggested on this site.

I have complied with all the remedies described in the forum.
1. I am on a local drive.
2. Did not change the filename.
3. Did not change location.
4. Using Presenter '09, Version V6.3.1103.112 Pro

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Judy Howard

I am having the same issue.    I can't keep the audio ( recorded through Audio editor in Artiulate) in my .ppta file.   it appears to be there - I can see the wave form,  and I can play it back.   But three slides later, all my work is gone again.  I'm also on my C drive, and no other "same name files" that could break the links, and I've tried everything.        Did you find any answers?  

Peter Anderson

Hey Judy!

Have you had a chance to review everything here? If so, and you're still missing your audio, are you able to package up your course and send it to us so we can help? First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here. Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload. Thanks!

Paul Venderley

This JUST happened to me!  Argh!

Follow-up question:

The support file you referenced indicates that Articulate has an issue working with network drives. I've attempted to work around that (i.e.; record local, but keep my files synced on the network drive) by utilizing the Windows Briefcase function.

And yet... my audio file was still "mysteriously" erased. Nothing but 18 minutes of silence.

Just wondering why. would a Windows Briefcase still considered a "network" drive by Articulate, thus causing it to act up?

Peter Anderson

Hi Paul,

You mentioned a network drive, which nine times out of ten ends up being the culprit. If you're experiencing unexpected issues using the software, here are some tips for managing your files which can help prevent issues.

1.  Work on your local drive (your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, including file corruption, loss of audio, and other unexpected behavior. 

2. You should also make sure the directory path to your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate).

3.  Avoid using special characters, accents or symbols in your file names.

If you'd still like us to take a look, the offer's on the table 

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