Audio not working within Citrix

Hi there,

I know there have been a couple of previous posts about articulate projects not playing correctly within a Citrix environment, but I have experienced a slightly different problem.

I have recorded audio to a couple of slides as a test, which when I publish the presentation play back fine for me, but when I sent the published presentation to a colleague to test from within a Citrix environment although the project plays - the audio does not?

This is going to be quite an issue for us, as many of our clients use Citrix as indeed does the rest of our firm.

Any ideas if this is a Citrix issue or a presenter issue, and what I could do to troubleshoot please?



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Brian Batt

Hi Laura,

Published content should work in a Citrix environment as long as they meet the minimum requirements to view content.

(See the View Content section in the link above)

Also, you should not test web content offline due to browser and Flash player security restrictions. If you are distributing your content offline you should publish for CD and launch the presentation via Launch_presentation.exe. If you are planning on distributing your content online you should upload the content to the server it will be hosted on and test it there. 

To learn more about publishing an EXE from Presenter '09, please see the link below: