Audio Woes - Won't play except...

Oct 14, 2014

I created the attached Studio 13 project earlier this year.  Since then, I uploaded the file to Google Drive, deleted it from my hard drive (dumb!) and recently downloaded it back to my hard drive.  I have the following problem(s).  When I try to preview the file, the audio does not play.  When I Publish the file and then click [Play Presentation], the audio does not play.  This is true whether I publish for CD, Web or LMS.  When I upload the SCORM zip file into my LMS and play the presentation via the LMS there is no audio.  When I go to [Edit Audio], the audio won't play.  When I go into the published folder as published for CD, however, extract the files and click [Launch Presentation], voila! the audio plays!  

This is bewildering.  I'm thinking I should create a new file, "reuse" my slides and import the audio file and edit from scratch.  What do y'all think?

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