Automatically Resize Web Object

Sep 13, 2011

Good Morning Articulate Community,

Is there any way to have a web object automatically resize as the articulate player is resized?  I want to insert a web object that has some interactive JavaScript, but I do not want to lock down my player to a fixed size.  I would like the user to be able to resize the screen, and then have the web object resize automatically. 

I have been playing with some basic HTML code, such as <body width=”100%" height ="100%"> but that doesn’t seem to be working. 

Pictured below is what I am talking about.  As the player gets bigger or smaller, the web object does not change size...

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Kelly Kaiser

Hi Joe. After a search on a simialr issue, I saw your post. Would you be able to provide me with any guidance as to how you were able to resize your web object? Just out of curiosity, did you create the web object? I created a capture using Captivate 5.5 and then I had to create my own html file to support using it in Articulate. That went well; however, when I open up the object in Articulate, it's about the size of a postage stamp!



Joe Countryman

Hi Kelly,

I have some basic HTML coding skills, so I was able to hack around and create the html file.  Usually with resizing web objects you would add tag elements for height and width similar to what I posted above...

A quick google search on resizing web objects would get you the answer you are looking for.  Hope that helps.

Adam Mac

Hi Jim,

Not sure with respect to the StoryLine output.

This makes sense as if one opted to leverage the Articulate Online output format (as I do), there would be no opportunity to modify SL output files.

Logically, it isn't SL where the issue resides. It's with the files associated with the web object itself. I'd look in those files over SL output files.

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