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Feb 11, 2011

Hi, I am evaluating Articulate to see if it will meet our development needs.  Here's how our courses work.  A student watches approx. 1 minute of video then  1-3 questions are asked. If the student gets the first question correct, they move on to the next question. If they get the question wrong they have to go back and watch that piece of video that explains the answer to the question.  After they watch the segment of video, the same question is asked again.  They have to get it correct in order to advance forward. This process continues on throughout the course. These questions that occur within a course are not graded since they always have to get the question correct in order to move forward.  At the end of the lesson, a post-test comes up.  This test is graded and is handled like a regular quiz would happen. They receive a question, answer the question and move onto the next question regardless of whether they got the current question right or wrong.  So here is my question.

Is there anyway to have questions within a course that are not graded and have branching capabilities that depend on whether they answer the question correct or not?

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Brian Batt

Hi Karen & welcome to Heroes,

When you insert a quiz into a presentation, you'll see some branching options for the quiz.  For example, if the user fails the quiz, you can set it up to where it goes to the previous slide where your video sits.  For more information, check out the link below:

By using this method, you'll quickly notice that there's no easy way to ask a single question & then branch back to the slide.  Rather, if that's the functionality that you need, you'll need to create a lot of single question quizzes.

Jeanette Brooks

Here's an approach that might work for what you have in mind... click here for a published sample (There's no audio, and I used the same movie for each repeated question, but you get the idea). It follows the concept map below. Would this approach meet your needs? After they answer the question series, they'd proceed on to the next video, or on to other content in your course.

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