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David Anderson

Hey Zara,

In your Articulate > Player Templates, you likely have your User navigation set to Restricted. You can use on-slide buttons to navigate between the hidden slides, but your player next buttons will not let you advance until you view the entire slide.

You could change your Slide Properties > Change View to hide the player controls for your branching slides and add some navigation buttons to help learners navigate the slides.

I would also recommend you update the Slider Properties > Branching for Slide 25 so the previous button doesn't take users into the hidden slide (24).

Zara Ogden

 Funny. I have done this a million times. I don't know why in this example it won't work. When the user clicks on the on screen button it is supposed to take them to a response slide (23 or 24). I locked down the navigation in the properties to make the next and previous button not useable bit still this won't work? I know I must have done something silly. 

Because it needs to be published I created a quizmaker question.