Branching Gremlins

Why does Articulate hate me? 

I created a nice branching sequence in which the participant selects a topic to review by clicking on a hyperlink on a PPT Smartart screen. The participant jumps to the content screen, reviews the content and clicks next to return to a landing page, which is a duplicate of the initial slide the participant lands on. I carefully used the slide properties function to set my next and previous buttons. The section worked and now it has developed a mind of its own. My landing page goes to a another unrelated topic. The slide numbers in the branching column have changed on their own.

I deleted the landing page and created a new one. Redid the branching on slide properties. It just doesn't work. Any advice?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Alan,

By what you describe, it looks like your ppta-file has gone corrupt...

it has developed a kind of Alzheimer...

What you can do is create a blank presentation (different name and all) & import your Alzheimer presenation in it.

By doing this, the PPTA file will be recreated. If it works out. Delete the old version and do as 'Save As' of the freshly imported one (NO RENAME in the directory folder)

Did this phenomenon start when you altered (Insert/delete) some slides from your presentation ?
Did you hide some slides in your presentation. Both of them may have had an influence on the behaviour you described.



Dwayne Schamp

SmartArt and Hyperlinks do not play together.

You can review this thread for a fix:

the gist of it is: ungroup the smartart graphic so each object is independent of the SmartArt object. Then add your hyperlink to the ungrouped object.

That should fix it.