Can I add a User input slide for certificate after quiz?

May 01, 2014

Hello.  I'm trying to find out if I can add a slide after the end of the quiz where the employee can type in his/her name, like a Certificate slide, so they can print it and bring it in for proof of completion.  This is a training employees take off-site before working on-site.  Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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Nelson Diaz

If you have flash, you could add a slide after your quiz and insert a swf file with a text box into the slide.  Create a new flash document, add a text box, adjust the size of the document and the text box to accommodate the font of your choice.  Make sure the text properties are set to "input text" , the character anti-alias to "use device fonts" and the paragraph behavior to "single line".

Nelson Diaz

The product name is Flash Professional CS6, which is part of Adobe's Creative Suite (it usually comes bundled with other Adobe applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.).  Hopefully you can find someone (within your company or network) who already has this suite of products.  If not, you may use the attached sample file to run a test on your course and decide if it will work for you, before buying the software.

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