Can I add an attachment so it's not visible throughout the course?

I need to add a job aid at the end of a course AFTER the learner has successfully passed the final quiz, but he or she should not have access to the job aid until that time.

Is there a way to include a PDF attachment like this without having the learner be able to access it throughout the course by getting to it via the Attachments tab?

The course will reside on my client's LMS, but it's probably not realistic to think they would be able to put this PDF somewhere on their server to link to. Ideally it needs to be packaged along with all other published Articulate files I deliver to them.

Thanks for any ideas you can give me! 

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Charles Zoffuto

Yes you can link to an attached document in a course that you do not want the studentto have access to until a certain place in the course.

1.      Attach the document using the Insert Attachment feature in the Articulate menu.
2.       Choose Player Template Layout and uncheck the Attachment box in the Toolbar Menu.
3.      Create a hyperlink in PowerPoint and link to an Existing File or Web Page.
4.      In the Address panel type “data/downloads/” (without the quotes) followed by the file name ofthe attached document.

Dave Neuweiler

Hello Jackie, I concur with Charles' suggestion, but would add one proviso.

If you're working in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, the forward slashes in the hyperlink's address will become reversed, and the hyperlink will no longer work in the published output. Here in the forums, there are several threads that identify this as a PowerPoint issue.

The workaround is to save your presentation as an earlier version. To do this, click file, then "save as." There's a drop-down box titled "Save as type:" and here you should choose "PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation."


Jackie Van Nice

Thank you, Charles and Dave!

It hasn't worked yet using Charles' instructions, but that may be because of the issues Dave is pointing out.

I'm pretty gunshy about saving the course from PowerPoint 2010 down to 97-2003 because it seems like I'd lose some of the snazzy 2010 things I've done.

I'm wondering if  converting the job aid to HTML and inserting it as a web object that opens in a new window would work; though in my quick tests the obvious issue is the inability to control exactly how the job aid will look or print out from any given browser the learner might use.

I'll keep brainstorming this.