Can I show a title in my Outline without an associated slide?

Apr 29, 2013

Question: I want to configure all Level 1 titles in the course Outline to display, but not have an associated slide displayed. For example: 

      slide A

      slide B

      slide C


      slide A

      slide B

      slide C

In short, I want my TOPIC titles to show only in the outline; I don't want users having to page thought a slide in the course that says nothing more than TOPIC 1.

Thanks for any/all ideas! 

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Paul Kornman

Welcome to Heroes, Melanie.

Let's say you have your slides numbered as follows:

1. Intro

2. TOPIC 1 (I know you don't want a slide here but bear with me)

3.      TOPIC 1 - A

4.      TOPIC 1 - B

5.       TOPIC 1-C

6. TOPIC 2 (see note above)

7.      TOPIC 2 - A

8.       TOPIC 2 - B

9.       TOPIC 2 - C

If you want the labels to show in the Outline, (as far as I know), you have to have a corresponding slide, but you can basically get your desired effect as follows:

In the Slide Properties, have Slide 1 GO FORWARD TO 3 and Slide 3 GO BACKWARD TO 1.

Slide 5 GO FORWARD TO 7 and Slide 7 GO BACKWARD TO 5. Using this, the user will skip over your "TOPIC" Slides.

So, if the user is on e.g. slide 5 and clicks the "Next Arrow", they will jump to slide 7. From Slide 7, the "back arrow" jumps to Slide 5.

A problem occurs if the user uses the Navigation Outline and clicks on "TOPIC A' (Slide 2) or "TOPIC 2" (Slide 6) Label

You can set the Slide Properties of Slides 2 and 6 to Automatically go to the next slide, and put a very short sound file (0.1 seconds or so or silence) on the Slides (2 and 6) so that the user will quickly move to the next slide automatically. To avoid the appearance of a "blank" screen, you could copy the initial state of the Slide 3 onto Slide 2 and the initial state of Slide 7 onto Slide 6.

Good luck,

Paul K.

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