Can you create the .artpkg to use in Articulate Presenter by just using the "data" and "player" folders of the published course?

We have been assigned to make the course be able to send or report to LMS, the quiz result of a particular assessment slide of the course.  We made the changes in the reporting and tracking option during publishing fine, but the only problem is we do not have the GUI of the course itself installed. We only have the published folder, PPTA and PPTX.

In an unorthodox way what we just did was to publish what we had made with the adjustment on the reporting and tracking option. Then we copy and pasted the "data" and "player" folders from the original published files given to us in the first place and overwritten the data and player folder from our very own published folder with the reporting and tracking changes.

Is there someone out there who can help us, we just want to be able to have the correct GUI of the course.

We have the Articulate Presenter 09

Thank you.


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Mike Daks

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your reply. There was no problem in setting the course to report to LMS, that was fine. The real concern is the course GUI. We only have the published files given to us.

We are trying to find out if we can use the "data" and "player" of the client's published files and copy paste overwrite the ones we ourselves published, so we can be able to have the same GUI on our published course. We do not have the .artpkg installer for the GUI of the course.

Below is what we did.

Question 1: By copying the data and player folder from the files given to us, can have or retain the same GUI/skin in our published files without any problems or complications?

Question 2: Can we use any files on the Published files given to us to make the .artpkg installer for articulate presenter 09 player/skin?

Thank you