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Peter Anderson

Hey Tom!

If you’re collaborating with others to create your presentation or e-learning course and want to collect input while your content is still in development, use the Publish for Word option:


After publishing for Word, you will be given the choice to email the zipped output. Good luck!

Peter Anderson

Hi Tom,

If you first publish your course to a web server, you could then easily email anyone a link to the course. 

The trick is getting it published first. Then, anyone with a web browser and Flash player can view your content. I would suggest reviewing the following articles on uploading content to a website, LMS, Articulate Online or publishing for CD. 

System Requirements for viewing content: 


Viewing a Published Course: 

Uploading content to the web: 

Publishing for LMS: 

Publishing to Articulate Online: 

Publishing for CD: 

Justin Wilcox

Hi Tom. You have the same option to send an email with all publishing options. I would personally recommend using FTP, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Windows Live Mesh, YouSendIt or something other than email. Many organizations prohibit large attachments from being distributed via email and they can also strip files from your zip file if they deem them to be unsafe like the .JS files you will find for example. 

Phil Mayor

Justin Wilcox said:

Actually, you can. I just wouldn't recommend it since there are so many other better ways to share presentations. At the end of the publishing wizard a dialogue box opens that gives you the option to send a presentation via email:

If you are going to do Justin's suggestion i would publish to CD first, but reduce the quality first to that of web publish, it is much better to host the course somewhere and send a link though

Peter Anderson

That's correct, Tim. And welcome to Heroes!

We output an HTML launch page and two folders containing lots of SWFs, javascript, and XML files, all of which are required for playback to work as expected. 

If your course doesn't require any interactivity, you could always record it using a screencasting tool like Screenr, then upload the MP4 to whatever site you wish.