Cannot get LMS to recognize completion of course

I am having difficulty getting my course completion recognized.  I don't believe it is my LMS (SuccessFactors), because testing it on ScormCloud does not seem to pass the results along either....

I have always published courses with a single quiz at the end of the course that needs to be passed for successful course completion.  I have never had trouble getting course status recognized, however, the manager of this project wants a "kinder, gentler" course and has asked for "Knowledge Checks" to be sprinkled through the course with no requirement to answer correctly, just to attempt to answer 1 time then move to the next slide.  There are (3) of these knowledge checks in my Presenter '13 course.  The user gets 1 attempt at each question, if they answer incorrectly, the correct answer is articulated with narration and the correct response shown.  Either way, the user moves to the next slide.

I have selected "No Results" slide for these knowledge checks, LMS reporting status as Complete/Incomplete, and  Tracking based upon minimum number of slides viewed (31 of 31)

I have tried a few variations (Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed, 30 or 31 slides viewed) but none of these variations have successfully passed a completed status to either SuccessFactors or ScormCloud.

Is this because of the multiple quizzes, lack of a response slide after each quiz, some other setting that I have neglected to set appropriately?

I have attached both my source files (pptm, ppta and 3x .quiz) as well as my zipped presenter output file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

I uploaded your course here to SCORM Cloud and was able to click through each slide and receive a status of "complete" at the end. I'm curious if you could test that one, and when you finish the course please let me know how you're exiting out (browser close or the exit button) and also what browser you're using to see if you're still seeing the issue.