CD published course: "Email Results" body is empty

The client has requested a CD published course for users who don't have access to the LMS. Currently, when users click "Email Results" from the quiz, it does not work. Occasionally, on some computers, no email pops up at all. Where as on others it comes up but the body of the email is blank.

Interestingly if I launch player.html in Chrome the Email Results works as expected. It DOES NOT work in IE, which the majority of users will be using.

Articulate support sent me the following:

  • Quizmaker relies on client-side mail programs, such as Outlook, to send email results. Tighter security restrictions in modern browsers, operating systems, anti-virus programs, and anti-spam programs can interfere with this process. Thus, you may find that nothing happens or possibly a blank email with no information is sent to the mail program.
  • You might want to check this with your IT group. It might be a security setting issue that only happens when running an EXE file and not when running an HTML file. That's why it would only work when you are using the player.html.

This makes sense, however, the client says in the past they have used Lectora to get around this problem. Apparently Lectora doesn't have an issue pre-populating the body of an email? Why would its security settings be any different from Articulate's?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Joe,

Lectora puts it's own file format onto the CD and includes a player for it. It doesn't include HTML at all on their CD output.

An idea, although this isn't supported would be to publish for the web and then burn that to a CD. Using an autorun feature you could have it launch the story.html file when the CD boots up. I don't know if this would work for this particular type of output with it's added objects, but the idea has been tested with other html files in general.

Always Happy to Help,