changing font after project is ready

Apr 19, 2011

I made up my mind about the font I used to create my project but I do not find a way to change it in all the slides without having to change slide by slide. Any help out there? Thanks!

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Kawstov FLIP

Not so sure about this solution as this may increase of reduce the font size as per the standards set by MS Office. However u can give it a try.

For Office 2007:

Step 1: Click: View -> Slide Master.

Step 2: When in Slide master, look for  'EDIT THEME' group, click: font , and a number of predefined font layouts will roll out. Select the font layout of your choice.

If the desired font is *not* there, then u need to create a font theme.

U can do so by following the steps discussed above and then clicking on the option "create new theme fonts..."

Hope u find this useful

Sally Kish

Hello Everyone, I know this string is old but I am having a similar issue.  In Storyline 360, I exported an English course, all of which was in one font.  When I imported the translated document the font changed to many types of fonts. It went from Segoe to Calibri, MS Gothic and Simsun. I need it all to be one again. Is there a way to change the project at once? The creating a theme and applying to all slides didn't work.

Sally Kish

Hi Ashley, 

That was one of my suspicions, so I went back to the translation document and sure enough my export was Segoe UI and the translation company used Calibri. Thinking this was a great way to fix it all at once, I tried to change the column back to Segoe, but it doesn't allow it. When I go off and come back it changes it to Gothic. Now I know the 3 fonts are similar, especially in Japanese which is what I am working for this one, but the customer is strict in it's branding. Am I doing something wrong that it won't change? Any suggestions?

At this point I'm looking at 15 courses 3 different languages, 1 slide at a time.

Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sally,

If changes aren't happening in your Word document, I'd also want to make sure you're following the guidelines here to prevent odd behavior as a whole in Storyline and the associated files. 

Also, do you have the Japanese character set for those fonts installed? If not, that could also cause issues with how they're displayed. 

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