Changing screen size to 16X9

Feb 21, 2014

I have a question regarding the ability to change the display screen size to 16X9 from the standard PowerPoint screen size. I converted our 150 slide course to the new format and it distorted everything. I've got everything looking ok, but I'm concerned about just eyeballing the photos as sometimes they don't appear as clear because they aren't the original proportions exactly. Can you tell me if there is an easier way to do the conversion and most importantly, is there anything else that I might have trouble with or should watch out for?

I also have an Engage question and was hoping you might be able to help. I didn't get a reply to my question in the Engage section of the forum. I'm also working on an old course with Articulate 09. We have the course restricted so that you can't advance to slides that haven't been viewed yet, and we are having trouble with the engage slides advancing. You have to click on the last button and let it run out for the slide to advance to the next slide, however learners don't know which button on the photo is the last one so it's confusing for them. I have all the setting in Engage set to allow the user to leave the interaction at any time but it doesn't make a difference and still prevents you from advancing even after you have clicked on all the buttons. Can you tell me if this is happening because we have the whole course restricted and is there a way to keep the course restricted yet have the engage advance after they have reviewed all the buttons on the page in any order and then be able to select the next button.


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