Character Copyright

Aug 25, 2016

When using the character pack (purchased) that plugs into Microsoft Powerpoint users are able to insert images of characters into their Powerpoint presentations; Articulate is integrated into Powerpoint in this way.

In regards to copyright, you have mentioned:

"Can Character Packs Be Used Outside of Articulate Products?

Licensing of the character packs permits use only with Articulate products."


I am unclear if the Articulate Character Packs are allowed to be used in Powerpoint or not - can you clarify?

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Jason Thai-Kennedy

Thank-you for the link that you have provided Leslie.

My question however is more directly to identify the copyright rules that Articulate interprets. Specifically:

- If the character pack characters are used in a powerpoint presentation, can this presentation (saved as a .ppt) be used?

- Are there copyright issues by using the characters by customers that have purchased the character pack?

- Also, a .ppt can be saved in multiple formats, e.x.; a PDF. If there are Characters used in these .ppt (saved as .pdf's) then is there copyright issues?

For example, I have an Articulate character used in a .ppt presentation, if this is later printed and handed out to students in a training workshop; have I broken the copyright rules set out by Articulate?

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