Chrome Incompatibility Issues

Apr 16, 2013

Is anyone else in the community facing incompatibility issues with Chrome browser?  Since last couple of days we have experienced that a presenter published file will work fine in firefox but not in Chrome.  Now these files have been out for last 1 year but its only in the last couple of days that I started hearing such issues.  The issue as experienced is as follows:

"As I am going through the presentations there seems to be a problem with audio. The audio disappears as soon as I move to the next slide and I have to manually pause the ppt and drag the slider back - then audio is restored.  Also, the first slide always works fine with the audio. The problem starts with the second slide."

I am trying to dig in further here and see if I can see some patterns in when the problem happens.  But wanted to send out a feeler out here in the community to see if someone else is also battling such incompatibility issues.



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