Complex case study and leaving it visible

Oct 16, 2012

I am wanting to set up a complex case study scenario which will need to remain visible while the student is selecting options from a multiple choice list.

It is easy enough to put the case study on a slide and then move to a separate slide with the multiple choice answers from which they select a few.

However, they really do need to be able to see the case study while they are selecting the right responses, so is there any way we can either have a slide that remains open while a quizmaker multiple choice window with the options also opens, or alternatively a slide in the quizmaker that stays open when the multiple choice window with the options also opens?

Put another way I want two windows open and I don;t mind if they are:

  • Slide plus quizmaker windows
  • quizmaker plus quizmaker windows.

Am I asking too much?

I am wondering if I have to do a clunky workaround such as putting the case study in attachments as a PDF so that they can open it in a separate window before they start the quizmaker mulitple choice quiz.

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Dan Winter

Hey there Christine,

Have you explored the possibility of, say, throwing in the relevant parts of the case study on the multiple choice list question itself? While I haven't had any luck just yet with being able to have both side-by-side, I could see great value in having the case study presented initially for review, and components from the case study presented when asking the question(s).

Does this make sense? Interested to know what you come up with!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Christine!

I haven't found a way to keep multiple slides open. However, I do have a suggestion that may be helpful for what you're trying to accomplish.

The guide found here explains how to add a note feature to the bottom of slides. What I'm suggesting is adding the case study information here, so it's easily accessible to people viewing your slides. There's even an option to have this section open automatically, so there's no guess work involved in locating the information. This way, people can view the multiple choice questions you have presented, without additional windows and easily refer back to the notes section for information on the case study.

I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I hope this information helps!

Have a great day!


christine kent

Elizabeth, what a fantastic example.  You are doing all sorts of things there that I have no idea how to do.  But at least I now know t hey can be done.  I'm playing with the Notes Button and the Notes Tab to see which I like better.

Christine and Elizabeth, unfortunately it seems either or both have to be set for the entire presentation and so cannot go away with the next slide.  Any ideas?  At the moment I am rejigging so that I am using notes for every slide - but it is not ideal.

Elizabeth Miles

@Christine - yes, I was referring to changing the visibility of the sidebar by slide.  The nice thing about setting it up that way is that you can give users the "change view mode" option in the template, which allows them to expand and collapse the notes.

@Jerome - I created the imbalance game in Flash using one of the built-in quiz templates.  

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