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Mar 03, 2011

What exactly was changed in Update 8?  

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Dave Mozealous

A @OSPI said:

So do the updates change the way Engage and Quizmaker behave when publishing using flash 10.2 so it doesn't publish errors or does it change the published output files to avoid playback problems for the user?

Or put another way, is it updating what goes into the publish or what comes out?

Hey A @OSPI,

The changes were really minor actually.  


When publishing to Word in the background we actually load the Engage Interaction and take a screenshot of it before inserting it into the Word Document.  We communicate between the Engage Player, and Engage when taking these screenshots, so when the player is loaded it sends a signal to Engage telling it that it is loaded and ready for the screenshot.  If the Engage player didn't return a "loaded" message within a certain amount of seconds we would take the screenshot anyway and move on.  We do this to prevent it from ever hanging when publishing to Word.  So the issue was that in Flash Player 10.2 the performance of the Flash Player has decreased a bit, so on really huge Engage interactions that would take awhile to load sometimes we would run into the timeout value before the interaction had loaded.

The fix was to just change the authoring tool to wait longer for the interaction to load.

This actually wasn't specifically related to Flash Player 10.2, as it could have happened in any Flash Player, and would probably happen in Flash Player 6 as well because that is another Flash Player version that isn't as fast.


We just made a small change to one of the output Quizmaker JS files.  The issue was related to the path that was returned by the Flash Player when loaded in Chrome/Firefox/Safari.  Kinda long boring story about what the issue was, but if you want to read more about it you can do so here:

Hope this helps.


Louise H

Does this mean quizzes published before Update 8 won't display properly if a user updates to Flash 10.2?

I have 10.2 and I've just checked several of our quizzes (on LMS and local drive) through Firefox and things seem to be working fine, so I'm hoping I've misunderstood the issue... *crosses fingers she doesn't need to republish anything*

Dave Mozealous

Hey Louise,

>Does this mean quizzes published before Update 8 won't display properly if a user updates to Flash 10.2?

No, not necessarily.  The only time you will have a problem is if your output folder has a space in the filename, and your users use Firefox or Chrome.  The easiest fix if you happen to have spaces in your output folder is just to remove the space from the output folder name.

So if you store your content at a location like: output folder/quiz.html 

You might have an issue, but you can fix it by just renaming the folder to: 

Hope this helps.

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