Course length - is there a practical or recommended upper limit?

I currently have a course which is made up of 8 modules plus a final exam. Modules vary from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length and overall the course lasts about 3 hours. At the moment I have them published as separate courses (i.e. 9 flash files) but due to a change in our LMS we might want to combine the modules and publish it all as a single file. Is this wise? Are there any advantages or disadvantages from a user experience point of view? Would it have any impact on the bandwidth used to deliver the course?

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Phil Mayor

There has been a lot said about the magic 8 minutes for elearning, but I rarely see courses that length.

I dont see any value in combining the modules, most learner I expect like the landmarks they achieve by passing each module instead of thinking I have 150+ slides left to view.

ON a technical point of view it is easier to update shorter courses, looking at publish times,and upload times.  Also you need to be aware there is a limit to the resume  data that some LMS'S will accept.  Their should be no bandwidth issues as articulate loads each slide separately and only loads 3 slides ahead.

My experience would say keep them separate, articulate works better will less slides, if you want to combine them I would look at multi SCO instead