Course not publishing what is saved

Sep 28, 2018

my final file will not publish properly.  The final changes i made will not appear in the published version!  I have had so much trouble with this software!


Please help!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika, 

I'm truly sorry for all the trouble but I promise, we're here to help! 

I see you shared the .ppta file, but to take a look we'll need your entire Presenter package. An Articulate Package is a zip file that contains a copy of your entire project, including the PowerPoint file, the Articulate Presenter file with audio/video resources, quiz files, and interaction files.  Here are steps on how to create that and share with us. 

I'd also check where you're saving the Presenter files and make sure that the .ppt and the .ppta file are in their own folder or at the least not in the same folder as any duplicate copies of your course. Additionally, that it's a local copy of your project as we've seen folks have problems with working from a network/shared drive as that's caused issues with latency ultimately leading to file corruption. 

Let me know if you still need more help, and I'd be happy to check your file! 

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