Creating modules within the course

I've been looking at new ways of creating more engaging content and looking at creating modules within the courses that I am creating.

Basically, I am creating a forklift course and there is a need for compliance to be acheived in each aspect, but then a refresher module is to be completed in the event of an accident or as per policy requirements, which ever comes first.

Due to the need to complete each section in the first instance I have managed to have the user navigate through all the material, but, I am struggling with now breaking this down into modules so that each section can be tracked via our LMS.  In addition, we would like each section to be passed before the user can start the next.

Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated!


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Justin Wilcox

If you need to convert one large presentation into several smaller presentations, you can do so by following the steps here:

Regarding course sequencing, that would be a function of your LMS, not the content so I would see if your LMS offers that.