Current and republished courses no longer functioning in updated browsers

Mar 07, 2019


I'm new to Articulate, Quizmaker and Engage and have started a job where they have a library of courses that are mandatory training for new hires. My understanding is that they worked with no problems prior to the current browser updates and sundowning of Flash. I'm getting calls from users who are able to complete some modules while others hang and won't let them progress. I've experienced the same myself though have had success while others are stopped. I tried republishing a course a few days ago and we put it in test. It locked up on me and sent me into a loop, while my supervisor got stuck in a loop on a different slide. I've polled users on which browsers they're using, suggesting Chrome or Firefox but that doesn't appear to help. Has anyone else run into similar problems? We've also experienced choppiness at the beginning of audio loops. Thanks in advance.

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Jim Gray

Thanks very much. I inherited all of the training so I’m not sure where the original zip file is located. I’ll try to locate and attach asap.

Jim Gray
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