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Alex Santos

Hi Gabe, I actually thought of that.  Problem is, the client wants the watermark to "grab" the username of the learner from the LMS and display i as part of the watermark.  He thinks it will deter them from sharing their login credentials with other users of the site in their organization.

Is there a way to insert the watermark on the slide master pulling in the username variable from Moodle?

Thanks so much,


Shelly Cook

Not too long ago I received a video email from my alma mater where my name was pulled from somewhere behind the scenes and used in two places within the video - once in a banner and once superimposed on the back of a football jersey.  It was very cool and felt very personal even though I know some code genius had programmed it that way.  If you figure out how to do it, please share it back with the community as there is a place I'd like to try a similar effect. 

So, if any of you FSU peeps are out there can share how this was accomplished, we'd love to know.  Go NOLES!

Gabe Anderson

Yeah, you'd probably need to do some kind of custom Flash movie embedded on every slide that would pull in the user data from the LMS, but that wouldn't be possible using standard Articulate Presenter '09 functionality.

Here's a similar thread from our old forums on the topic:

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