Difference between Storyline and Studio?

Aug 13, 2015

What exactly is the difference between these two packages? I have Studio, but I feel like most of the emails I get are relevant to Storyline but still work for me. Can someone help?

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Trina Rimmer

Great question, Angela. Articulate Studio is a great choice for helping you quickly & easily turn PowerPoint presentations into an online or mobile course. It has features which allow you to add media and  interactions and build assessments in a matter of minutes. And since Studio is based on PowerPoint it's super easy to learn.

Articulate Storyline is very intuitive to use (it's interface is very similar to PowerPoint) but it's incredibly powerful. With Storyline you have a broader set of features to help you create almost any kind of interaction you can imagine. 

The big distinguishing characteristic for me is that Storyline is both simple to learn and use AND powerful, so it really grows with you as a designer.

I hope this helps!

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