DIY Hand-Drawn Graphics, Icons, etc. (iPhone app)

Oct 13, 2011

Maybe this isn't newsworthy, but it was to me

I've been downloading a lot of the hand-drawn graphics the last day or two for a course I'm working on and about the only thing I can't find is a hand-drawn star or similar. (And thanks to Tom for all the stuff he's shared - AMAZING!) I don't have a pen-driven graphics program, so I turned to my trusty iPhone. I downloaded "Doodle Buddy" for free, opened it up, drew a star with my finger, and emailed it to myself! I then opened it in GIMP (freeware photo editor) and made it the color I needed. Seriously, it could not have been easier!

Just thought I'd share in hopes that it might help someone!

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Amy Kesman Rossi

No kidding. But I could spell out the steps instead

  • Go to the App Store and search for Doodle Buddy. You'll need to be connected to WiFi or iTunes to download; it's a big app.
  • Download/install the app
  • When it is finished installing, open the app.
  • There are four icons at the bottom; the arrow undoes what you did last; the brush controls the style and color of your drawing; and the wrench is the tools menu, where you can email, post to Facebook, etc. (I haven't played with stamps or backgrounds yet.)
  • When you email it to yourself, open the email and right-click on the picture.
  • Save it where you want it!

And if anyone needs a hand-drawn star, I've attached one :)

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