Do the Different Presenter Players Retain Separate Settings

Apr 13, 2014

I created two different players, one for testing (Test_Player) that allows seeking in the seekbar, and allows free navigation.  I save it, then copy it and rename it to Production_Player, edit the navigation to be restricted and dis-allow seeking in the seekbar and save it.  Now when I I changed from Test_Player to Production_Player I noticed that the navigation and seeking still retained the properties from the Test_Player.  Is this how they are supposed to work?  If so, what is the purpose of creating / having multiple players?



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Bob J

Ok, I think I may have found the issue.  Apparently the only way to save changes to the player is the drop down ribbon menu  (Save, Save As, Open).  I was assuming the "OK" and "CANCEL" buttons either saved changes I made, or canceled saving changes, and then returned to the main Presenter menu.  If the drop down menu is the only way to save changes, what is the purpose of the OK and Cancel buttons?  In all other areas of Studio (Quizmaker, Engage, Audio Editor, Annotations, etc.) you exit the editing area to save or discard changes.  Does this not apply to editing players as well?

Also, when in the Publishing screen and I click on the Player link to change players, instead of a drop down box to change to a different player, I am taken instead to the "Edit player" screen, where I assume you need to 1) OPEN a new player, then 2) click OK to change to a new player?  Is this intentional?  Seems kind of obtuse/ overkill to just change the player the publisher uses.  Let me know if this is the way the product is supposed to work (could not find a manual for presenter on the support site).


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bob!

By clicking OK, it saves the changes to the current project. By saving, you are saving your player itself and this allows you to use it in other projects.

When switching to a different player, it should look something like this:

So, if your player has been saved, it should be in your list to open.

You can read more about changing players in this tutorial.

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